The first session is FREE to any NEW program participant.
Pee-Wees (ages 4-7)
Introduction to basic tennis skills. Most activities are focused on eye-hand coordination, throwing/catching/athletic skills and basic beginner instruction to the life-long sport of tennis. Tue & Thu 5.15-6pm, Sat 2.15-3pm, Sign-up required
Future Stars (ages 7-11)
An introductory program for your young children. Player will use predominantely samller racquets accompanied by foam OR regular tennis balls. Technique, scoring, and names of court areas are at the focus of instruction in this fun oriented atmosphere. Tue & Thu 4-5pm, Sat 5-6pm, Sign-up required
Super Stars (ages 10-14)
This program emphasis appropriate stroke production, consistency and variety of placement. A sound tennis foundation is stressed and a complete introduction to the understanding of the game. Mon & Wed 4-5pm, Sat 5-6pm
Varsity (ages 13-18)
Stroke enhancement, basic and advanced strategy & tactics. Game plans, strategy, and tactics for both singles and doubles are the main focus. Mental toughness, footwork and conditioning are also included. Mon & Wed 5-6pm, Sat 3-5pm
Junior Round Robins
Practice matches with empasis on sportsmanship, court etiquette, strategy, and more. These sessions will allow you to put in real test all your skills and ideas.
Birthday Parties
You can make your child's next birthday party extra special with a Tennis Birthday Party (and we will do most of the work). Your child and his/her friends will participate in fun and entertaining games and contests. They will also be exposed to some tennis - a wonderfulsport they can play for the rest of their lives! Please call/email for details.
Parent / Child
Program designed specifically for parents & children. Allows the sport of a lifetime to be enjoyed by the whole family! 
Wed 6-7pm, 
Sat 8.30-9.30am
Summer Camps (TBA)
A FREE first session to any NEW program participant. 16 years & UP